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Monday, January 2nd, 2006:

2:01 pm UTC: Two changes have been made moving the latest official version of aJotter to 0.04.02. An extension to the referrer logging system now allows it to include all referrals, not just those which link explicitly to an article. Meanwhile the tagging system has been replaced by a new "connexion" one; this allows any kind of items to be linked with each other. The initial application of this is in handling web links, these can now be tagged and also connected with articles, allowing for a "Related Links" panel where required.

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Friday, December 9th, 2005:

8:37 pm UTC: aJotter has gained a name and reached version 0.04.00, the first fully working update since 0.02.08 of 'The currently untitled software'. This has involved rewriting and renaming most functions and classes (though some old code remains to be replaced) with more and improved reusable functions adding to the base classes.

The two most visible changes though come firstly from a fix to the log system, to allow viewing of archives and the tagging of individual entries to allow 'multiple' logs. Most significantly though is the completion of a flexible URL system that allows for reader-friendly article URLs (which also function as permalinks) rather than just using database IDs. A more logical approach to supporting page numbers and a new system of specifying tags has also been implemented.

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