The following table shows the nominees and winners of the Referee of the Year award for Super League (1996 onward), and for the Championship (until 1996). Where available, nominees are shown in alphabetical order.

This table is currently incomplete so please feel free to provide any amendments or additions.

Year Winner Nominees
2005 Ashley Klein (London/Keighley)
2004 Steve Ganson (St. Helens) Karl Kirkpatrick (Warrington)
Russell Smith (Castleford)
2003 Karl Kirkpatrick (Warrington) Steve Ganson (St. Helens)
Russell Smith (Castleford)
2002 Russell Smith (Castleford) Bob Connolly (Wigan)
Steve Ganson (St. Helens)
2001 Russell Smith (Castleford)
2000 Russell Smith (Castleford) Stuart Cummings (Widnes)
Steve Presley (Castleford)
1999 Stuart Cummings (Widnes)
1998 Russell Smith (Castleford) John Connolly (Wigan)
Stuart Cummings (Widnes)
1997 Russell Smith (Castleford)
1996 Stuart Cummings (Widnes)
1995 Russell Smith (Castleford)
1994 John Connolly (Wigan)