This is the second part of my infamous quote file, listing the interesting comments that people made about me on RLFANS.COM that I saved for using in my signature. This is the final update as I have since left the site, due to its length it has been split into two parts.

Mand: Brightened my Friday afternoon that did!
Marto: sorry mav your a hottie and all, but your not my type
Meefy: *Enter Mav, Stage left*
Meefy: another quote for him. We should stop mentioning him
Meefy: Do not feed the Mav
meefy: Mav is Mav and therefore that rules him out :)
Meefy: Mav's radio show will go downhill when I'm gone. When do I get kicked out?
Meefy: My dad was dancing to it, so I buggered off to chat to mav.
Meefy: Stop being down on yourself. Imagine its someone else!
Meefy: Thats open to interpretation isn't it? Just as you intended it yes?
Meefy: Was that you laughing like a girl?
Meefy: We all know who mav wants to MEAT!
Midget Provocateur: Translation: Please notice me I'm the one who look like Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen going to the gallows.
Mike McClennan: Misery guts.
Mikeo™: Mav is a superb person with a great sense of humour and is a magic mod
mikethewire: Aw I'm in none of Mav's
mintball: "Think" you're a pervert?
mintball: Could be painful. Then again, Mav might like that.
mintball: I shall take that as a compliment, coming as it does from RLFans' master of the thinly-veiled innuendo.
mintball: Keep it up (Innuendo alert!), Mav; the pervier, the better.
mintball: The rest of you really can fück off and die.
mintball: Were you Wednesday Addams in a previous life, perchance?
mintball: You just like to deviate anything. :wink:
mintball: Youngster. :roll:
Mr Angry: Christ, you`re even more gullible then I thought you were.
Mr Angry: Go away and put your baseball cap on, drink your coke ,chew some gum and go and play on your skateboard you patronizing git.
Mr. Phil: mav's was subtle, relatively funny, and not in the least bit tw*tty.
mrs cindy russell: watch your back Mav -they'll be calling you Bighead if you start expressing a personal opinion and it doesn't match their own.
mrs cindy russell: Why Mav. Methinks you are accumulating hangers yourselfon like fans around a pop star they yes, yes you all the time like personal lap dogs.
mrs cindy russell: Why the devil should expressing his own opinion mean the power of being a mod has gone to his head in the case of IP but not in the case of yourself
muguwmp: Mav: should we call Dr. Loomis?
Mugwump Fid. Def.: I agree with Mav.
mugwump to Oldham Rhino: You do realise that mav might gut you like a fish for uttering the above?
mugwump to Parkys Mate: I think you are Mav's long lost twin sister.
mugwump: You can't even fix your head.
mugwump: Although I suspect he would be unfaithful if JNOF gave him the come-to-bed-eyes.
mugwump: Are you blind as well as a hopeless headcase?
mugwump: Be chill, Mav. Besmirch the honour of JeNOF and I shall challenge thee!
mugwump: He's a wily one, that mav.
mugwump: I've always got a suspicious eye on you.
mugwump: I've got my eye on you, Mr. Walking-talking affectation. :wink:
mugwump: If I had a blow-job for every time you got confused I'd have exploded by now.
mugwump: If I were, it would make a change from you hitting on every girl with a pulse.
mugwump: If she's got any sense, she'll hack it off with a rusty kitchen knife.
mugwump: Mav can do no wrong.
mugwump: Mav, you and I really need to have a serious talk.
mugwump: Mav, your tongue is hanging out.
mugwump: Mav's heart belongs to Rachelzoe.
mugwump: Recognise your nemesis. He is both harsh and unforgiving.
mugwump: Stick to (semi) rational comment.
mugwump: the man who leaves every thread he touches in need of CPR.
mugwump: Yeah mav, what happened to your show? One of the better efforts, IMHO.
mugwump: Yes, I've switched from the "Mav is a bore" chair, to the "Mav is pedant bore" stool.
mugwump: You don't want to know what I think about you.
mugwump: You just need to give it a rest.
mugwump: You perverted, fatherless backside! :twisted:
Munshkin: Anyway isn't that a little personal for an open forum. 8O
Munshkin: Is he a creature of the night after all?
Munshkin: Isn't he a lovely boy?
Munshkin: Please stop tormenting the innocent with your witty barbs young man. You'll drive them off and then where will we be.
Munshkin: So due to my laziness I will now state that mav is correct.
Munshkin: What is it about mav, do you think, that leads to him intruding on others dreams so?
Munshkin: You don't need to not what's going on though. Your purpose is to merely loom menacingly :wink:
mystery_source: As you are such a clever girl...
nat_woods_porno_tash: Can I be in your sig Mav ? 8)
nat_woods_porno_tash: muwhahahaha, I've always wanted to be underneath Mav.
Neil In Wigan: Oh, God, don't put those thoughts in Mav's mind! :lol: :wink:
Oslo Rhino: The Mod comes good again.
Paintboy: Yeah cheers for that,is your Christian name George.
PAUL M: :thumb: Well said Mav
PAUL M: Easty you have been owned by the Mavinator.
PAUL M: I like you're style Mav :wink:
Paul the red: Had to mention Mav because if I didn't he'd lock it and top himself.
Paul Thexton: HH is trying to imitate mav when it comes to hitting on people online that's all :wink:
Paul Thexton: How come I never get in to mav's quotes file :cry:
Paul Thexton: I'm afraid my brand of innuendo is rather more crude and disgusting than mav's - he's way too classy for me.
Paul Thexton: Mav is a walking talking innuendous creature, it's merely expected of him to pull one off at least once a day :)
Paul Thexton: Mav's got a crush on HH :thumb:
Paul2e: Must be your lasting legacy mav. :lol:
Paul2e: Well it beats the serious boring answer I'd have got from mav.
paulusthelittlewoodgnome: Mav that was a top post!!!! prefects badge for you
paulwellens: thanks for your help! 8O i'll know who to come to if i need any sarcasm
Perfect Pimbletts Pies: Feelin particularly up-tight tonight?
Perfect Pimbletts Pies: OMG! Mav is talking sense.... 8O
Perfect Pimbletts Pies: Since when did you have nothing to say :wink:
Perfect Pimbletts Pies: You're now starting to sound desperate......
Phleb (in response to "What a respectable moderator you are."): Something which obviously can't be said about you
Pimbletts Pies are Better: But obviously not as trying as you Mr Pedant.
Pimbletts Pies are Better: Do vegans cellabrate Christmas :lol:
Pimbletts Pies are Better: there was common agreement that you were the person who takes yourself far too seriously, i.e., stuck up your own backside
pintolager: does MAV actually go to watch rugby league or is he a saddo statistician reading books and listening to blunderside?
pintolager: You have got to admit you post a lot of facts that do not interest most posters,you are obviously very learned [but get real ]
pintolager: ZZZZZZZZZZZ stato you are so boring cant you have a proper chinwag .
pmarrow: Are You Hutchie in disguise ?
pmarrow: Comedy has hit an all time low. :wink:
pmarrow: Don't say at long last we have a second member of the smart booty club. 8O
pmarrow: It'll be interesting to see whose the biggest w/\nker :lol: :wink:
pmarrow: People should buy every moderator a pint before starting a new thread. Mav stop letting the powers get to your head!
pmarrow: They don't call me mav.
pmarrow: You really need to get laid.
PONNER: I'm going to have to stop reading your posts mav. I get even more confused when i read them. I'm sure everyone else understand you but me still being new to all this programming gets confusing. I wish i knew half of what you know about all this mav.
PONNER: I'm going to have to stop reading your posts mav. I get even more confused when i read them.
Preston Road Republic: Maybe you should nob off to your own site.
Preston Road Republic: Really Muriel, that's not the language we expect of a moderator, tut tut.
Prince Albert: The person above me is a sexual deviant. But loveable.
Pugs: You go lister am sure mav well let you join in
QuiteRightlySo: With that description Mav, they'll be no need to wear a carnation, or carry the FT under your arm.
Rachaelzoe: 8O mav!
Rachaelzoe: again mav it hurt last time
rachaelzoe: although i anit sure if looking like mav is a gd thing
Rachaelzoe: and another one for him
Rachaelzoe: aw mav maybe we could sort this out and hug each other
Rachaelzoe: aw think im in love with mav :wink:
Rachaelzoe: doest that count in my case im always in mavs signature
Rachaelzoe: hehe mavs a tosspot
Rachaelzoe: i cant forget mr.mav
Rachaelzoe: i like mav's voice
Rachaelzoe: i thought mav had turned in to a mouse
Rachaelzoe: its mav thats the stalker
Rachaelzoe: MAV :shock: 8O :shock: 8O :shock: :shock:
Rachaelzoe: mav this is the 1st time ive bin shocked by u
Rachaelzoe: mav you get worst
rachaelzoe: mav's a soflty really
Rachaelzoe: ok mav i'll forgive you
Rachaelzoe: shhhhh mav :oops:
Rachaelzoe: thanx mav *kiss*
Rachaelzoe: thats a bit catty mav
rball: Regarding inferiority complexes, an educationally challenged amoeba would feel superior if it found itself in your company.
Real Cookie: Don't worry if you miss the next caption comp. I am fairly confident I can post your answer for you.
Red in Yorkshire: You must be trolling here surely?
Red Man: Very classy with the words. But they dont impress me.
rhino28: Thats because you are a boring cnut. Bet she had to take prozac after talking or not talking after meeting you, she probably wrote in her notes.. "hope that boring cnut doesn't come back"..
Richie Robin: That's big of you - you're one of the babies who can give it but can't take it so deleted threads on the Gateshull board. =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>
Robbo™: im getting the urge to do a long sa post like mav, but dont think ill bother...... :lol:
Robbo™: mav bought me a pint, your a top bloke mav :wink:
Robbo™: sorry mav, youre not a sicko :? :wink:
Robbo™: youd win it by a mile stew :wink: although mav would come close...
robbowarrior: Actually I'm an idiot. Just ask Mav, he'll tell you!
robbowarrior: As opposed to Mav, who we'd rather just ran into the road with no regard for his own personal safety. :lol: :lol: :lol:
robbowarrior: I would not have a problem with mav if he would accept the viewpoint of others, and not present his opinion as a fact that cannot possibly be questioned
robbowarrior: Is working for a living beneath you or something?
robbowarrior: it is not me who sits on my ar5e all day refusing to contribute to society, yet try to make out you are some kind of demi-god.
robbowarrior: Less of your sexual fantasies Mav.
robbowarrior: Mav is a hitler
robbowarrior: Mav, you're banned from this topic. We'll never see eye to eye! :wink:
robbowarrior: Never thought I'd ever say this Mav! You're a STAR!
robbowarrior: Play nicely gentlemen, or uncle Mav will lock the thread.
robbowarrior: READ my posts PROPERLY, mav.
robbowarrior: The minute you can prove to me that you not a waste on society and the taxpayer, then I might be a bit nicer to you.
robbowarrior: The system blows up when searching for 'sensible quotes from mav' out of sheer frustration
robbowarrior: The thread was not a personal attack on Mav, though he seems to think he is important enough to warrant it. Sorry mav, you are not.
robbowarrior: This forum wouldn't be half as interesting without him.
robbowarrior: We need Mav and VBFG in here don't we?
robbowarrior: Well, you are on another planet, Mav
robbowarrior: Yeah, sod off Mav.
robbowarrior: You are not that important. I used you as an example because you, simply are the worst offender out of everyone who chooses to use RLFans.
robbowarrior: you cannot understand how anyone can make a point that does not agree with yours!
robbowarrior: You know, if you weren't a moderator, you would be banned for that.
robbowarrior: You might want to stick to hugging trees mav.
robbowarrior: You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
Roland_R: Sounds like you get brainier by the day mav ;):lol::lol:
Roland Spangler: Michael you have to concede that John is right about something though, the bit about you being a tw4t.
Rommel: I wish i was you Mav :wink:
Ross the Warrior: t's a good job it was me not Mav, then you would need to apologise.
Roy Haggerty: As for you, a position of smug superiority actually requires one to be superior. In your case, I'm afraid you're just left with smug.
Roy Haggerty: Deary me - the worst, most inaccurate and misleading post I have ever seen in your name.
Roy Haggerty: It's not your fault. You've unjustly picked up the moniker of biggest pedant on the boards, when in actual fact it's me.
Roy Haggerty: More utter cobblers. Come on, this is beneath you.
Roy Haggerty: No kidding Sherlock.
Roy Haggerty: Shocking.
Roy Haggerty: Utter cobblers Mav. You don't normally come out with such easily disprovable tripe, so I'm assuming you're having a bad day.
rugbychick™: I can't believe I'm the only one who picked up on the innuendo! Usually I'm the last to pick up on Mav's smuttiness! :wink: :lol:
rugbychick™: Mav I adore you :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
rugbychick™: Mav walked into that one!
rugbychick™: Phonicboy, DD and Mav are pretty fine arent they? :wink:
rugbychick™: That Mav is lovely and helpful
rugbychick™: Woo hoo! I'm in Mav's quote file!
rugbychick™: You beauty :D
Sadfish: Geez you try and fix sumat and mav whines :wink:
Saint or Sinner: We'd be lieft with mav and minty debating the ins and outs of the latest political sneeze!
saints4ev@: I got told mav doesnt like to lock things! :lol: i was soon corrected!
saints4ev@: It was last night and stop picking bits out so it looks like i said something i didnt mean :lol: the only thing that is shocking is you mav! TUT TUT TUT :wink:
saints4ev@: mav that is really creepy what you are doing???
Saintsation-al: mav's gone too much of a mard
sainttillidie: Can always rely on Mav for info :)
sainttillidie: That isnt an attempt to get into that quote file thingy btw, just feel free to stick it in there anyway :wink:
Sandbag IV: Dose your argument extend beyond posting pointless onomatopoeias?
Sandbag IV: Now doesn't that feal better? And i didn;t even ask for an apology, your a big softy really mav.
Sandbag IV: Yes, you are a bit of an odd-job mav. Put that on
sandbag the great: Can someone ban mav for openly looking for sympathy.
sandbag the great: what odds do i get for this going in his sig :lol:
sandbag the great: Your trying your best arn't you mav but i'm not as stupid as ya look.
Sandbag: mav, why does he try and explain everything??
Scully No2: :o I thought you loved me Mav..
Scully No2: He might pull more off. Depends :wink:
Scully No2: How could I forget mav running up the road to the KC in true sprinting stylee? :D
Scully No2: I also had a dream about Mav being my half brother and working in B&Q but hey, that's what too much internet does to you! :D
Scully No2: Mav (who still reminds me of a cat)
Scully No2: My darling mav... Whatever would I do without you? :lol:
SFW: A thread asking the board to define normal was locked yesterday. Yellow card for mav!
SFW: I was thinking mav myself, he treats this forum like Cropper treats his condiments.
SFW: You'd be on ignore if it was available.
shane wood: Yeah played in russia and mav will be at the game :lol
Sheddy: mav, make him Prime Minister. :wink:
Sheddy: Oi, you, mav! Who gave you permission to use my self in your sig? :wink:
spooky: Bloody hell, things must be serious if they're even getting to you mate. 8O
spooky: Mav, you bugger.
spooky: You need to kill a few more brain cells love.
ST STEPHEN: Did Mav say it was innuendo? :wink:
ST STEPHEN: Maybe Mav behind the collar, all that pulling!!
St.John: It's not intentional. I'm actually a badly written bot - the sig was a result of memory leaks splattering into the output.
St.John: * - only kidding, he's a total lamer. I bet he used to prefer AMOS to BLitz Basic. And he also thinks vi is better than Emacs, I'll warrent.
St.John: All hail King Mav, doyenne of anti-elitism.* How's that? :D
St.John: Give up vastman. Mav has torn out your guts and arranged them on the floor to spell "the guts of an oaf".
St.John: I changed my sig as mav felt it was geeky.
St.John: Michael, you are a true hero.
St.John: Oi! Boy! Read it properly. Now!
Standee: I wouldn't think Laydee's drink from the bottel mav? 8O
Standee: It's a laydeeeee
Steinlager: atm I am not finding mav infuriating, but I'm left wondering where the old cool, calm moderator pre-server crash has disapeered to.
Steinlager: I never thought I would say this but Mav won my nomination for funniest poster, on page 4 of this thread.
Steve Fox: Are you being deliberately stupid about this to wind people up or do you genuinely need the situation explaining to you?
Steve-O: You're silly then :wink:
Steve51: I'm tempted to use this as a sig. If for no other reason that when you are perplexed as to why you have been referred to as a poor troll, I can post it underneath as a reminder.
Stew PA: Mav, consider yourself gramatically spanked! :wink:
Suburban Knight: :lol: Check out the cod-head getting all defensive over the only thing that Hull is famous for. You miserable twat.
Suburban Knight: Missed which point? The one at the top of your head, thats throbbing with so much more intelligence than everyone else?
Suburban Knight: Obviously 'soccer' fans have more going on in their lives, hence we can't take everything in sometimes. Unlike suicidal dullards, who only have chasing little girls on messageboards, to occupy their big throbbing intellectual minds. Miserable twat.
Super Oldham Rhino: I'd just like to say Mav is a Legend!
tb: A linguistic libertarian pedant? Admit it, you're just confused. Or confusing. Unless they both mean the same in some new – or possibly archaic – twist of meaning. :?
tb: Are you being paid to be Lard's feedman these days, mav? ;)
tb: Don't start. QI is not an accurate source of astronomical information. Stephen Fry tells misleading untruths. And it sets mav off.
tb: Fact: The number of sentences deliberately misunderstood by mav for comic effect is quite large.
tb: Get off my turf :wink:
tb: I quite enjoy debating theology … in the same way I quite enjoy debating politics with the likes of Wiggy, Terracesider and even mav.
tb: I’m beginning to worry about him :wink:
tb: it's mav length
tb: Like Muggy said: no danger of falling foul of the funny police
tb: mav has lost his crown! :D
tb: mav is much more pahoehoe with a touch of coffee tableish dopant. Methinks.
tb: Mind, there are special rules for mav :)
tb: Not being quoted in mav's signature is a sign of intelligence, maturity and distinction. Oh yes it is …
tb: Wasn't mav's nickname "lock" when he was a Sin Bin mod? :twisted:
tb: What happened to you mav? You used to be cool. Now you're just boring. :evil:
terracesider: Come on Mav. Super-pedants don't bother with averages. What's the median?
terracesider: tb, all is forgiven, you were never ever as bad as Mav. :wink:
terracesider: You're younger than the other mods and so should be more in touch with this sort of thing. :lol:
TG: but mav is much better! :D
TG: yay! mav is back! 8) :)
The Cops: I don't want your point roughly thanks, but i know a few peep's that wouldn't mind :wink:
The Crow: mav is gentlemen leave him alone.
The Crow: you are obviously the only sensable one on here
The Dons: Lovely mav, you've pulled some figures out, congratulations. How this can be used as an excuse for a poor crowd is beyond me,
The Dons: Thanks for putting the bonfire out with your last piece of p1ss mav :thumb:
The Master League Freak: If I reacted to ANY post in that fashion I'd get banned. Heck, I'd get banned for saying something that MUCH less offensive.
The Master League Freak: I think you reacted like a pork chop.
The Penguin: but you've clearly got something against Barnsley. And in mav you've picked the wrong bloke to...err...say anything to!
The Penguin: don't be such a snob, mav.
The Penguin: I will never think of you as a twerp so long as you are brave enough to live in streatham. Respect.
The Penguin: minty! mav's hacked into your account! :wink:
the penguin: More poor souls dare to question mav's lambs to the slaughter, I tell you.
The Penguin: rofl :lol: legend mav
The Penguin: The King Pedant strikes again!
The Penguin: the streatham high road post office is 'difficult' for mav to get to, the stoop has no chance.
The Penguin: this might set a dangerous precedent, mav mate, but the object of this exercise is to inject some humour into a depressing situation :lol:
The Penguin: you moved from Tooting to head case :lol:
The Real New Parrot said of me: Has given me some hope :)
The Real New Parrot: No he's not he's WEIRD :wink:
the real viking warrior: you are very very boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the real viking warrior: you wouldn't know a sense of humour if it smacked you in the face with a sledgehammer.
the real viking warrior: your peurile attempts to "rile up mr dalton" only goes to show what an immature person you really are behind your keyboard!!!
the walls have ears: Easty, you are Mavs bitch! learn lessons from the master
TheButcher: I only post here to see how long Mav's replies are going to be... :lol:
TheButcher: I was bored and thought it would be interesting to see if I could make Mav write more each time.
Tony Adams: Read the last post by "dogs and rabbits" mav
Toronto Giant: Oh look at mav, mr no nonsense :wink:
Toronto Giant: you know me too Well Mav :wink:
Tre Cool: That's it, i officially hate you now Mav :evil:
trys'r'us: They're probably looking - or listening - for a celestial body discovered by Mav, now.
Ultimate Mugwump II: I can assure everyone - it wasn't mav.
Ultimate Mugwump II: tb's pedantry is at least mildly funny. Yours isn't.
vastman: I find you and Mav and all others of this ilk just a little sad, a little worrying and yes arrogant.
vastman: This is the difference between me and you, I will listen to anothers point of view without resort to personal attack.
vastman: A post worthy of you Michael, full of pomposity and smugness, still despite a Polytechnic education you can't hide the Chav within can you.
vastman: anyone know what the clown is on about
vastman: I am about to PM you my mobile number, please feel free to ring me and we can discuss this further.
vastman: It amazes me that someone who is obviously intellegent cannot cope with a little counter argument without feeling the need to crush it, problem for you mate is awkward buggers like me won't go away and won't be put of by petty and dismissive name calling.
vastman: Mmmm, I might give up on this one and go teach my dog Latin, there seems more chance of success there than you grasping this rather simple concept, jeez....
vastman: My god how far up your own ar*e are you, puke.
vastman: OK Mav, you want the last word it's all yours :wink:
vastman: only egotist like you with no self worth worry about it, this dream of world domination etc says more about your personality than anything else. This desire to look attractive is so sadwere you not popular at school?
vastman: personally I feel the expasionist lobby owe the rest of us an apology, still no chance there because your never wrong are you Michael.
vastman: that Michael is hugely arrogant even for you
vbfg: Mav? OS snobbery? You?
vbfg: Mav's protons and electrons sound like social science lecturers.
vbfg: That's the tyranny of Mav for you, benevolent dictatorship is the answer.
Vince: that humourless t**t!
Wellsy13: Have you got that on cut & paste, mav? :lol:
Willows_69: Have you got a fetish for wearing womens knickers then? :wink:
Willows™: Mav your wierd :wink:
wire water: blast, i was secretly hoping that would get in the sig.
wire water: you were a complete thread locking 2@ before the server crash mate
WireFanatic: Damn. I edited that out because I didn't want to get in trouble with Mav!! :lol:
WireFanatic: Thanks you Mav. At least I can count on you to make a decent comment.
yaz: i would say your like hutchie mav, cos garanteed u know everythin!! :lol:
yaz: you tell em mav!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
youngwire: oh and i noticed im in mav's quotes thing. :)
youngwire: One of these days, i will make it in to that collection, i think. :?
Zebra: I don't always agree with Mav but think he summed it up very well.
Zebra: RU is not Association football. There's no pulling the wool over your eyes is there Mav?