This is the first part of my infamous quote file, listing the interesting comments that people made about me on RLFANS.COM that I saved for using in my signature. This is the final update as I have since left the site, due to its length it has been split into two parts.

(Broken) Time Bandit: Then you have an inflated view of yourself, you ain't famous enough to warrant quotation marks :D
(London mod) Homer: you and any others are not welcome here.
*LOCKIT™*: i agree with mav
*St Lock It*: i prefered Mav :(
*St Lock It*: R.I.P Mav death 2005 :(
10-05: Can you remember the last time you won EVEN a tin egg cup Michael :lol:
10-05: Perhaps the great statistician and moderato MAV could post crowds at the KC 2005 v 2006 so we could see the crowd improvement. :wink:
10-05: Your just after marvellous MAV giving out a few yellow cards or even the red one aren't you Neil ?
8londi6irl: Good boy.....U can have a gold star now lol
8londi6irl: R u sure Mav u didnt go down on anyone :o
8londi6irl: Trust Mav :o
8looming 8londi6irl: Awwhhhh mav hope you wake up feeling much better. nite nite
8looming 8londi6irl: Hes a legend but not as big as mav though :wink:
8looming 8londi6irl: I really enjoyed last night/this morning mav. It was just like the old times
8looming 8londi6irl: one of the best yet off you mav :wink: wont beat my subway posting though :wink:
A London mod: Pathetic attempt at trolling and encouraging bipartisan debate
Angry Of Greenwich: Good job i take ur comments with a pinch of salt... :wink:
Awesome Wells: You've sold your soul in exchange for a post entitled "party mouthpiece"
Awsome Wells: What else do you expect from Cod'ead's brown-nosed stooge?
beach boy: If you can't work that out,you're dafter than I thought!
Beavskin McGinty: I remember having a dream where Mav was Ozzy Osborne. It was weird, he started to cry because we were all asking him to bite a bats head off and he couldnt
Beavskin McGinty: No seriously it was weird. Although I've never met mav, he kinda seems like that, unhappy and low-spirited
Bedford Red: Worryingly I have to agree with Mav :shock: :wink:
Belly13: You knew what i meant mav you sarcastic get.
Big Graeme: I agree with Mav.........I must have a lie down.
Big Graeme: Jeeze, mav must have really let himself go since Christmas then :)
Big Graeme: Steady mav, tell us what you really think of him :)
Big Graeme: What that HH and mav aren't fussy?
BIGARR: Yeah but Mav's are based on facts!! :wink: :)
bigfatrich: Curse you and your eagle eyes and your maths skills, Mav :lol:
bigfatrich: Terrible, Mav, just terrible. :|
Bighead: your apparent dislike of mav is quite amusing.
Billinge_Lump: Mav makes broad stereotypical assumptions about posters on the board.
Billy Banter: Mr. Smooth is in da house. :lol:
BlobbyGoulding: Even I'm starting to like you
BlobbyGoulding: You're not half a morbid person at times, Mav.
bobm: Well done Mav...however I think may have passed above several heads...
Bonzo: Mav? Speechless? There's a first! :wink:
Brew: Mavs sig is like a status now, Incidently ive never been in it
BroncOnIon: And I'm not interested in wasting any more time pursuing this any further with you.
BroncOnIon: David Hughes: "For God's sake don't take a photo now. It will end up on the fans' website and Mav will be making bl**dy awful jokes about us."
BroncOnIon: Good, you do get some things right eventually.
BroncOnIon: OK, I was just trying to have a dig at mav :wink:
BroncOnIon: Those "people" would be mav.
bullman: You should change your name to Arsenal Rugby League if that's what you're worried about.
Captain Casper V: Mav, you must be the most miserable Mod on here.
Captain Spaulding: If you don't want to read the happy threads fuck off then. No one is making you read them.
Captain Spaulding: Someone should end this threads life early, sorry Mav just did with with a Bored of The Rings lenght post.
Cas Till I Die: I refuse to waste my time putting across my (and a hell of a lot more people's) point of view any more to get insulted by people who only listen to themselves and wouldnt have the balls to insult you in real life.
CB: watch it fellas, Detective Inspector Mav has arrived.
Chris Dalton: although not inhabiting the same ivory tower as you are I am obviously blind to the truth
Chris Dalton: and as you are an intelligent man I can only conclude you are choosing to ignore that fact.
Chris Dalton: And well done for being a non knee-jerk tosspot. At least you're consistent.
Chris Dalton: but at the end of the day you are just being bloody minded.
Chris Dalton: Freddie Kruger had nothing on mav.
Chris Dalton: I think mav is eccentric. And thats a plus point.
Chris Dalton: Knee Jerking? You? Never.
Chris Dalton: Now I think as I have disagreed with you it is customary to call me a moron.
Chris Dalton: Now, fellow moron, call me what you will. I simply don't care.
Chris Dalton: you one dimensional ignorant twit.
chris28: Have you got as much time as mav?
Chris28: I think Mav may have taken Hutchie's crown as god of information. (29 minutes to respond to that! =D> ) I think you're annoying to be honest although that's coming from someone who builds a new website a week!
cod'ead to rachaelzoe: Why do you look like mav in knickers?
cod'ead to Rachaelzoe: you really are mav in knickers :wink:
cod'ead: You've got something to make mav straight?
Code13: Establishment stooge
Code13: Nice use of selective quoting there Mav.
Col. Austin Toomey: Mav you surprise me, I would have expected it from Vince, but you?
CRAIG 73: :lol: :lol: Pedantic barsteward. Give him a hundred lines. :wink:
Dan_FC: i can only speak for myself on this cindy but im not a hangeron to mav, just that it is always good to be on the good side of people who have power in these situations and mav likes to think he has more power than he has but have u seen him at work, believe me its better to be in his goodbooks
Dan_FC: nice post mav, i agree with the mavster :) (always nice to keep on the goodside of the mods)
Dan_FC: nice work mav.
Dan_FC: really mav, nobody had informed me of this development. so what ur drink then sir
Dan_FC: yea lis watch out for mav if you start a topic, if its been done or he doesnt like you will be locked :twisted: :wink:
DannySim: Do what you like long as it's in line with the AUP of course :wink:
DannySim: Innuendo like this shoudn't go unnoticed either :)
Dany1979: Spoken like a true Moderator :wink:
Dark Scooby: Balls to you mav, I've now read both posts :(
Dark Scooby: Everybody stop getting Mav all worked up :wink:
Dark Scooby: Have to ask Michael, but why did they think you were a woman?
Dark Scooby: I've just read all of mav's post on 'Random Thread Part Three' :( :lol: :(
Darthchris: picky bast'd
daryl catpiss: bloody hell i didnt' realise he was one of them 8O
daryl catpiss: i'm disapointed my name has been removed from mav's sig.
Daryl Catpiss: quality picture of mav on caths bit.
Daryl Catpiss: The master of subtlety!
Dave Lister: Because I like hounding you.
Dave Lister: Funny you should mention that, I dreamt you were my business studies teacher last night :? :? :?
Dave Lister: I certinally do. And mav is very picky, so I expect he has also.
Dave Lister: I dont understand any of mav's posts on this board 8)
Dave Lister: mavs lost it.
Dave Lister: Party at mav's 8)
Dave Lister: Please define "floaty" and "square".
Disco: Yes but it doesn't become a middle aged bi-sexual lady such as yourself. :wink:
Donna D: It took you a whole week to think of that? Hang your head in shame!
Donna: I don't often agree with you, but on this I do.
Donna: Wouldn't worry Mav. That level of perfection doesn't exist :D
drogba is a bronco: and yes i did steal this idea from mav
drogba is a bronco: mav never stops does he? :lol:
drogba is a bronco: Whinging tit.
Dutoni: Has noone told you yet-it is the season to be jolly?
Dutoni: What kind of humourless man are you?
dw: :roll: :roll: :roll: There aren't enough rolly eyes in the world for that one!
EAST HULL RED ::lol: mav and sense of humuor don't go together do they :?
EAST HULL RED: :thumb: Nice one mav, I knew it'd be you to answer. I should've just PM'd you instead :D
EAST HULL RED: 8O Quality :lol:
EAST HULL RED: 8O Thats a first, mav can't answer :lol:
EAST HULL RED: Another sig for him :roll:
EAST HULL RED: Poor mav seems to be taking it too seriously.
EAST HULL RED: Whats the betting that'll be his new sig :lol:
El Barbudo: Blimey, I agree with Mav about something.
Enfield Exile: I too know your opinion - after all, you are a fan of a club away from the relegation zone.
Enfield Exile: Mav's answer doesn't make me angry, I just don't like him.
Enfield Exile: There he goes again. Grooming the young on the t'internet :evil:
Enfield Exile: When making a point using 'facts', try to use 'facts' that are actually correct. Lancashire/Yorkshire area? That's news to me! Moron.
Evil Homer: Bloody hell that's a lot of quotes!
Evil Homer: I would have voted for Mav,but he's gone all weird and post-modern.
Evil Homer: Mav's gone craaazy (how many more times will I say this)
Evil Homer: Mav's took the words right out of my mouth.Well not the exact words,but I agree with what he said.
Evil Homer: You tell em Mav!I agree fully.
F J: I didnt know Mav existed
F J: Mav is different to his online persona
Fax4Life: They have their own little cliche on here so you are in for it.
FC4EVER: You crack me up at times michael you really do :lol:
Ferocious Aardvark: Well, that may be true in terms of collective decision making, but I've heard strong rumours that quite a few billion of your protons and electrons were very anti, as they don't see why they can't have a printer each, on their own desks
Ferocious Aardvark: You go on too much, and say nothing.
fungusmctavish: :D =D> =D> =D> =D> Superb piece of work :D
fungusmctavish: luckily your not my type :wink:
G.I.A.S.F. to Rachaelzoe: :lol: You are mav!
G.I.A.S.F.: Know mate. People know you're a pervert.
G.I.A.S.F.: mav - John Travolta ;)
G.I.A.S.F.: Stop drooling mav.
G.I.A.S.F.: when I have to see near enough every post by either Cath, Rach or Lindsey quoted and turned into some smutty comment then it does get a little worrying :?.
galileo: sorry competition not open to moderators, the family of moderators, or mav.
gav1973: I promise to look harder in future and not be quite as lazy. I'm glad I didn't incur the wrath of Mav!
Gavin Miller - Legend: So keep spouting your rubbish Mav its a toss up between you,Hutchie and Mr Zaps as to who is the biggest clown on here.
Gavin Miller - Legend: Let me say this slowly for you Mav
Gaz_E: I know you can be a pedantic arse at times Michael, but now's the time to let this one go.
gazbo: now after all that sh8te just take your head out of your booty and look at the point i am trying to make
godisasalfordfan: really do worry me at times mav...seriously... :|
Googler: You sick,....sick person! :lol:
Griff0: Cheers Mike, you're ace! I wish I'd had you as a teacher - then I may not be such a moron.
Griff0: In fact, did you ever teach at Ysgol Maes Garmon between 89 and 96? Several of those 'teachers' gave the impression they should get out more, too!
Griff0: PS - Yes, I do reckon mav is ace (but remember I've had a couple of drinks).
GT: You poor sod! :lol:
gutterfax: By the way, Mav must be sulking 'cos he didn't win! 8O
gutterfax: how many moons are there on your planet Mav?
gutterfax: Mav is the winner!
gutterfax: My god, Mav's in with a chance :?:
gutterfax: No No No....don't email them......let Mav go to charlton 8) :D 8)
Haggis: Was your nickname at school "Cyclops"? If it wasn't then you've probably got a small stomach.
Haighy: Don't worry Mav, I know that your head is so far up your @rse that I can't tell which is which :wink:
Haighy: I don't find you annoying in the slightest :?
havenlad: Predictively Mav Shouts 'Locked'
HH: Ah you poor little love :wink:
HH: Are you going cum too ? :wink:
HH: At least after the game it was easier to spot which one was mav :wink:
HH: Dirty slag :wink:
HH: He's a pervert though :wink:
HH: He's lovely :wink:
HH: He's made me very satisfied this week for sure :wink:
HH: I even got to walk him back to the hotel :wink:
HH: I still love you though :wink:
HH: I'd happily swing for you :wink:
HH: If that's not you I take back what I said ;)
HH: In that case mav will be along to lock this thread shortly :wink:
HH: Keep it up TRNP would be proud of you :wink:
HH: Living in mav's shadow :(
HH: Losing your touch ? :lol:
HH: mav is a good bloke :thumb:
HH: mav makes a lovely woman :wink:
HH: mav wrong never :lol:
HH: Not a bad idea though I may plunder mav's box of delights instead :wink:
HH: That was mav :wink: I just agreed with him :lol:
HH: What do you expect he doesn't eat meat :wink:
HH: Yeah I'd like you to come too :wink:
Homer: Go back to stalking the young girls with double innuendos Mav and leave serious chat to the adults among us :wink:
Homer: As for you griff0, you had to ask him didn't you :D 8O
Homer: For once and rarely I agree with Mav
Homer: He's a nice guy really even if he is a letch
Homer: How else are you going to back up your " factual " statement then ? or are we to assume that all of your sweeping generalisations and statements are in fact....................................tosh ? We should be told.
Homer: If it's a promise you will know he's here by the small black lightening ridden cloud over one person wearing sackclothes and ashes.
Homer: it is difficult to tell when you are going to have your odd flashes of humour :twisted:
Homer: Mav's a clever guy but he misses the point some times.
Homer: Michael, according to your contributions in the Sin Bin, you are always thinking about it.
Homer: Never gonna happen, well not unless he starts stalking Olga or Anastasia and gets some PM's from them :wink:
Homer: Nobody is asking for prohibition mav, just to use common sense, if you cannot abide by that then you and any others are not welcome here.
Homer: Nobody would ban yer Mav, despite the fact you are far too intelligent for your own good, and the fact that you are a pedantic pedant, and the fact that you seem to be trying to get a full page answer done in one page in quotes.............. yer far too sweet :lol:
Homer: Oh dear god there will be no stopping Mr Happy now 8O
homer: Prove it pedant :!:
Homer: So that makes it less of a bridge does it, you pedantic wazzock.
Homer: Still here are you ? can't you go to where you are wanted ? East Hull for instance :lol: :twisted:
Homer: Stop being so bluddy sensible Mav, you're getting a reputation :lol:
Homer: Summat tells me that Mav would like to get it :wink:
Homer: that could even make it as a sig file for you
Homer: That's our Mav for you, sucks the life force outta you. You want to see some of his stuff on Mods board 8O :D
Homer: that's twice you've screwed up on here today, go and lie down in a darkened room.
Homer: This from the one who deems himself the height of sartorial elegance.
Homer: Yeah well as Mav is a tragigoth he is all full of pith and whinge :D
Homer: You misunderstood: We meant GO, as in bugger off back oop north :twisted:
Homer: You really are a very, very strange man
Homer: you see as it was Mav I was responding to [henceforth known as Marvin the Robot First of the Genuine People Personality robots from the marketing division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation ] I didn't want the response to appear too funny for him, and now you have gone and spoiled the joke.
hopps no.1 fan: creep :wink:
hopps no.1 fan: cue sexual comment from the mavster
hopps no.1 fan: don't go all deep on us 8)
Hughies sister: Don't do that Mav
Hughies Sister: I have to agree with you :lol:
HULL_BOYS_RULE: Good lad, don't become Roland_R's (aka Dicko) puppet like mav has.
HULL_BOYS_RULE: So who is the real Mav :(
hullfc05: Go back to your text books then geek.. Obviously thats the only talent you have.
hullfcfaninbristol: I think Mav's trigger happy! :lol:
hullfcfaninbristol: Your definitely blunt and too the point Mav :).
Hutchie: Mav - why arent i in you poxy quote file
Hutchie: Mods shouldnt be diggin up and trolling old threads THATS MY JOB :) :) :) :)
Ian P: Traitor ! Quisling ! Rovers supporter !
ILDA: :lol: Always you Mav :wink:
ILDA: I'm in mav's quote file :D
Inty: :lol: On the ball as ever there Mav!
jbuzza: And your point is ? That you are the biggest pedant of all. OK you win :o
Jerry Dammers's Dentist: Isn't that Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen & Ozzie Osbourne's lovechild?
john_rhino: Please stop you are depressing me.
johnsenior: If you want to search around in dictionaries for sub-meanings which back up your lover arguments so be it. It'll keep your mind off topping yourself for a few hours i suppose.
johnsenior: And you're an expert in strange.
johnsenior: I can imagine that you couldn't care less what I think about you, so why don't you stop having your little digs and we can go back to ignoring each other?
johnsenior: I'd say that every is capable of making me bite. All they have to do is act like a kunt in the way you do.
johnsenior: Now bugger off and write an essay on how depressed you are, sad tw4t.
johnsenior: So Mav should be the perfect person for the thread then? :roll:
johnsenior: The way you flirt around all the time is boring and annoying.
johnsenior: The way you need to draw attention to how depressed you are is sad and pathetic.
johnsenior: You say that your use of self-deprecating irony is witty, maybe a few of your lame flirt-buddies will agree, but there'll be plenty of other people who agree with me that you're just a weird, boring good man.
Jonkers ex No1 Fan: mav 8O you dirty little minx!
Jonkers ex No1 Fan: mav my dear
Jonkers ex No1 Fan: mav was smaller than i expected!
Jonkers ex No1 Fan: wahooo 2 quotes now :lol:
Jonkers No1 Fan: met mav and got a hug :crazy:
Kat: :lol: Aw poor mav
Kat: RE: Mav's sig, I'm lovin' it 8) :lol:
Kat: RLFANS just wouldn't be the same without you :lol: :lol: :lol:
Kat: Some fúcking girls need to fúcking give mav a fúck
Kat: Woohoo I'm in Mav's sig!! That means i am stupid and immature according to tb! Rock on!! 8)
Keith Lard: I agree with Kat, without mav RLFANS would not be the same. It would be tons better.
Kosh: Posting style is completely different, and he also claims to be from Hessle road. The 'real' mav isn't from Hull.
Kosh: Did you hear the 'whoosh' as Mav's comment sailed by overhead? :lol:
Kosh: That'll come in handy for my son's homework tonight. Ta much, mav.
Kosh: That's not the real mav, just someone who's registered with his username and nicked his avatar. :D
Kosh: Well now I know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a mav diatribe. :lol:
Kosh: You are perfectly sane - it says so in your sig. :wink:
Landdrifter24: But i didn't want to upset Mav as he is genuinly a nice guy and i feel he is very vunerable to the ways of the world :lol:
Landdrifter24: Fooking Mav was in my dream last night!! 8O
Landdrifter24: Wow i get and laughed at one of Mavs jokes.
Leeeigh Leeeigh: At least get my quotes right mav!!!!
Lefty: This man is wise.
LeightonP: Are you Mugwump in disguise?
lil huddy said: will u bleedin take any comment ive made of the bottom of ur sig
lil huddy: i apolagise for pulling ur hair although i dont think i pulled it 2 hard
Lindsey: mav was in my dream last night and he gave me a hug!
Lindsey: well you did hug me so you werent too shy :D
Lindsey: yep you did seem polite when i met you and pretty shy!
Lion-O: I really enjoyed your shows, the music was always good seeing as it was alwasy requests alot of tastes were catered for, the emails, the chat room and the threads were always a good laugh to hear.
LISA-FC 4EVA: thanks to everyone for the warm welcome will watch out for mav hopefully he will like me! :wink:
LISA-FC 4EVA:have been a bit scared to post there seems some crazy charecters on here hutch,mav,wolfie to name but a few!!
Loudmouth: As much as it pains me to say this but I have to agree with mav on this point.
LukeSykes: ant mav invent something new
LukeSykes: I like it, i tell mav what to do and he does it! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
LukeSykes: I told him yesterday to update himself and he did, :lol: :lol: :lol:
LukeSykes: its a much better attempt than mavs :lol:
LukeSykes: let mav do it as he fuels anger and harmful intent to fellow sinbinners
LukeSykes: Mav hasn't even bothered to put a few of mine up :x
LukeSykes: Mav needs to update himself
LukeSykes: Mav wears a bucket on his head on fridays to keep the worms stinging on a cold friday.
LukeSykes: so i take it in my hand i made no sexual intercourse reference, where mav clearly did.
Lustrous Landy™: I'm sorry Mavstino, but it is true :(