One things that disgusts me are all those using the bombings here in London today as ammunition to attack Bush, Blair, and their respective foreign policies. It seems many want to say "I told you so" and blame them for the deaths of at least 37 people for making the city a target because of the war in Iraq. Given the Bali bombing, did I overlook the pivotal rĂ´le Indonesia played in the coalition?

London is the biggest city in Europe, one of the biggest in the world in fact, and the UK is still a world power. This country was always going to be a target irrespective of going to war in Iraq. On top of which today saw the G8 summit in Scotland putting a lot of focus on this country. Still, many seem to ignore all that when it does not fit in with their own political agendas.

The irony is that this is just what terrorists want. The acts of bombing three underground trains and a bus were not political, they were cowardly.

They were not political ones; they were selfish, uncompassionate, cowardly ones. In making such connexions we are giving their cause validity and turning them into a political statement. Stop giving them the political milage they killed people to achieve.

The way terrorists win is by instilling terror. When people say that Britain should not do something, not because it is wrong in itself, but because it makes the country a target, you are admitting defeat and they win. That is the very response they are trying to achieve. They want to make us fearful.

It is a poor argument and one which greatly offends me. If anything comes out of today it should not be acceptance that we can be bombed into submission. Nor should it be that we go out and bomb others in retaliation. Sadly I have as much confidence that happening as I do in the smug and sanctimonious, of both sides of the debate on the middle East, not jumping on todays events as being nothing more than a political tool they can use to justify their own opinions.

Two-wrongs do not make a right. The war in Iraq does not justify terrorism. Terrorism does not justify a war in response. What happened today is that many people were killed and many more injured. Nothing more.